We have been on the market for the last 20 years, especially for sourcing and
product developing and production controlling for many well-known Companies in
Germany and Europe.

We are primarily working in countries of south-east Asia. Our office is in Munich
and in Bangkok, besides we have co-operation partners in Hong Kong, Indonesia,
India and so on.

We are primarily working in following ranges:

Textiles/Fashion: espacially accessories like shawls, bags, belts, and so on, for ladies
as well as for man-fashion

Tableware/Lifestyle: glas, porcelain, ceramic, stoneware, and so on.

Home textiles: table-linens, bed-linens, decoration.

Promotion: in this sector we work on guidelines of our clients, especially
marketing agencies.

Design and product developing: we work also on concepts of our clients, that is,
we develop designs and reference samples of desired exclusive collections under our
own registered labels.

Our own registered labels are:

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